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DVD Services

Did you know that Product VideoCast has DVD mastering and duplicating services? Check them out!

At Product VideoCast inc. we create quality and affordable videos for your products and help deliver them via:

  • Your Corporate Website
  • Your Online Retailers Website
  • Email Campaigns 
  • Customized DVD Presentations 
  • Video Kiosks and Portable Media Players

We provide a complete solution to produce and host your videos in a format that’s easy to share with your sales team, channel partners and customers. You can now give them a better understanding of your products and promotions without ever having to go to print!

Market research proves our format has the highest completion of views and lowest abort rate. We create a compact one-minute presentation to capture and increase the mindshare of your target audience.

At Product VideoCast our production team use the latest in High Definition (HD) video equipment and editing systems. We provide our clients with custom solutions from video production and formatting to hosting and reporting tools. Our hosting and delivery solutions are used by some of the largest media companies in the world.